What is the exotic Korean food ranking in Korea?

What is the exotic Korean food ranking in Korea?

Having fun is a joy you can not miss on a trip.
Especially when traveling overseas, you will have to regret eating more and more of the country's distinctive foods.
So travelers who visit Korea today will be ranked as a unique Korean food called Korea.

1. Mountain nook

Acid nut

First place is mountainous area.
It is also a food that many Koreans can not eat.
But why is it that there is no one who ate only one meal even if there is a person who can not eat acidic rice?
Because Sanjangji is octopus which literally cuts live octopus and eats,
When you eat it in your mouth, you can see that the acidic livings are alive.

2. Soybean paste

Soy Crab
Soy Crab

The second place is soy sauce.
Soy sauce seaweed is a Korean salted pickled dish that is poured into seasoned soy sauce with care for crab.
The crab used in soy sauce crab is said to be the most delicious crab caught in March and April,
It is said to be a delicious side dish because it has been seasoned with soy sauce and tasteless.

3. Sundae


It is said that the food which boiled with the various ingredients in the intestine of a cattle or a pig is steamed and is cooked.
According to the origins of Suseong, it can be found in food using animal blood and internal organs.

4. The skate

The skate

skates? I found some fish in the skunk.
It is one of the sea fish belonging to the ray family.
The body is round and has a very wide width, the head is small, the mouth is protruding, and the eye is small.
If so, why is it the unusual food?
Because of the unusual smell that can not be easily seen in Korea, Korean people are said to be the hardest food to eat.
The skull is made of cartilage instead of bone,
It is said that the elemental component in the cartilage decomposes into ammonia and smells badly.

As such, there are many unique foods in Korea.
I honestly think that even if I eat something else, I can not really eat it.