This is why plastic (PET) bottles should not be reused.

This is why plastic (PET) bottles should not be reused.

Most of us do not think twice about refilling water in plastic water bottles.

In the old home, we used PET bottles an average of two more times and recycled.

Although it is widely recognized now that it is not good to reuse PET bottles through the media,

There are a lot of people who are still using it again.


Today I want to know why plastic bottles should not be reused.

plastic (PET) bottles


1. Why should not we reuse plastic (PET) bottles?

It is said to use bisphenol A, a chemical used to make plastic bottles.

This chemical is said to help rapidly grow bacteria that have penetrated into water.


2. Why do you drink a lot of bottled PET bottles?

If you look closely at the nearby mart, you can find fruit juices, bottled water, carbonated drinks, etc. in the refrigerated display

You will see most of the liquid entering the oil lamp or the PET bottle.

So why put the contents in PET bottles?

PET bottles are mainly made of high transparency, which makes the color of the contents stand out.

In addition, PET is mainly light in weight and very strong in strength,

This is because carbon dioxide gas and oxygen are more shielding than other plastics, which is advantageous for preserving the contents.

Unlike glass bottles, PET bottles are not broken and are easy to store and transport.

plastic (PET) bottles

3. Why is the shape of the PET bottle different depending on the type of beverage?

Carbonated beverages such as carbonated beverages such as cola and beer are streamlined in the middle and have a petal shape on the bottom.

The reason is that the charged carbon dioxide gas is expanded in volume as the external temperature rises and the appearance of the bottle is prevented from changing.


4. Can I reuse PET bottles I have already used?

From the conclusion, PET bottles should not be reused as much as possible.

PET bottles are made for one-time use only when they are made, so do not use them.

Of course, there is no risk of harmful substances such as environmental hormones being dissolved as mentioned above. However,

It is difficult to clean the bottles by making the bottles narrow and the bottles easily bent, and it is difficult to dry them, so that they are easily contaminated with microorganisms.

PET bottles should be used as a disposable product for the intended purpose of the product and not reused.