Six bad habits after eating

People gain energy while eating food.

You live with that energy.

So these days, I’ve been eating clean energy, or well-being food.

I’m looking for a lot of health-conscious foods that are not burdensome for my body.

Even if we eat good food, if we have a bad habit,

There will be consequences of ruining the body.

Then, let’s find out six bad habits after eating.

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1. Loosen your belt

If you loosen your belt or button your pants while eating, your abs will suddenly lose pressure.

Increased digestive tract activity causes gastrointestinal strain.

2. Shower

If you take a bath after eating,

It is concentrated on the surface of the skin and interferes with digestion.

It’s better to do it 30 minutes after meals.

3. Eating fruits

If you eat fruits for dessert after eating,

Enzyme is easy to ferment in the gastrointestinal tract that is being digested, so digestion is difficult.

4. Sleep

If I fall asleep right after eating,

the food will not be digested.

The food stays in my stomach for a long time.

It becomes difficult to digest and causes gastrointestinal diseases.

5. Walking or running

After eating, blood should flow to the digestive system and digest.

When I walk or run,

The blood that has to be driven to the summoning agency is transferred to the arms and legs, which hinders digestion.

6. Cigarettes

If you smoke after eating,

Gastrointestinal exercise increases and blood circulation increases.

Tobacco toxic substances are absorbed more by the body.