Is Priority Pass membership worthwhile?

Priority Pass

If you are preparing for a long trip abroad, why not try the airport lounge with a PP(Priority Pass) card while you wait for your flight?

PP cards are a type of membership card that allows free access to airport lounges around the world.

To be issued separately, you need to pay an expensive membership fee and a separate fee.

There is a more reasonable way to get a credit card that comes with a variety of vouchers with a PP card.

Lounges are one of the best ways to spend time at the bustling airport.

As a result, Priority Pass, which offers lounge access to more than 1,200 major airports around the world, is a frequent destination for international travelers and business travelers.

In general, the airport lounge was the exclusive exclusive property of a business or first class customer, but the PP card allows anyone to relax in the lounge.

If you sign up for Standard membership with the lowest annual fee, you can use the lounge for $ 27 per meeting.

The Prestige membership, which has the most expensive annual membership fee, offers free access to the lounge for an unlimited number of times.

Of course, those who don’t travel frequently can buy a ticket for the airport lounge on the Internet.

Priority Pass

Therefore, if you are traveling more than overseas, you should ideally get a credit card that offers a Priority Pass for free.

Of course, it may be reasonable to use the lounge of a more brand-worthy airline.

If you become a member of another airline, you can use the airline’s lounge twice a year for free, allowing you to access lounges worldwide, similar to the Priority Pass.

On the other hand, if you prefer to buy the cheapest airline tickets rather than using a certain airline, it is difficult to enter the lounge this way.