Movie Mulan, Chinese American actor Crystal Liu is an excellent choice?

Movie Mulan, Chinese American actor Crystal Liu is an excellent choice?

Crystal Liu

Can the Disney film be on the rise?
While the official trailer of Disney ‘s real movie’ Mulan ‘was unveiled for the first time, the reaction of preliminary audiences is drawn to the pole and the pole.
The public ‘Mulan’ trailer is overwhelming on the cool scale, reminiscent of the unique atmosphere of Chinese martial arts movies.
The presence of the Chinese actor’s wartime cost which will be active as the main role of ‘Mulan’ title roll is also considerable.

‘There is good news. The matchmaker has found your fourteenth birthday. ”
The starting trailer is the opposite of the family’s desire to be a ‘good wife’
It shows Mulan in a martial arts preparation and preparing a war in contrast.

‘The marriage was decided. It’s the best choice for a family. ‘
At the end of the family, Mulan said, “I will give you a family name.”
Make arrangements for realizing your plan.

With the story of ‘Quiet, Calm, Elegant, Restrained’
Mulan, who sits in good health and shows off her beautiful beauty,
Cross-show Mulan and emphasize the message you want to convey.

“You can be a good wife if you have that kind of qualities.
When the narration comes out that ‘Mulan is the child with such qualities’
Mulan is seen in the middle of the battle against men and focuses attention.

Mullen’s toughness in securing my identity as a word ‘my duty is to fight’
It is enough to stimulate the curiosity of Mulan, the character itself.

This is in line with the current
In recent years, most movies have highlighted the enterprising image of female characters
Disney’s moves are also met exquisitely.

At the center, Crystal Liu dressed up in red costume and showed his flexible martial arts skills, raising his expectation for the book.
But pure white skin is still innocent and pure visual.
There is still doubt about the 100% sync rate.

As Chinese capital is put into the center of Chinese actors
It is natural that the smell of Chinese movies is getting better.
It is spacious, grand, and detailed.
It is not known by trailer alone whether it will go against the world audience.

Especially, ‘Mullan’ film is not classified as a musical film, so it is important to find out how to fill the space of music.
Nicky Carro, the former director of the Mullan,
“It’s not a musical movie, but it’s going to be a lot of music.
I will use it in a positive direction. ”

As a result, the reaction of preliminary audiences who encountered the ‘Mulan’ trailer was diverted.
From the admiration of being a ‘big hit’ to the opinion that ‘it is just a Chinese movie that uses English.’
Aladdin, who now captivates audiences around the world, was also warm in response to his first trailer.
It is noteworthy that Mulran, which will be introduced in 2020, will draw a stroke on the Disney film.