Let’s look at sleep deprivation as one of the shortcuts to obesity

Let’s look at sleep deprivation as one of the shortcuts to obesity

Look at sleep. 96% of adults do not meet recommended sleep times.

The problem is that when sleep deprivation becomes chronic, it becomes vulnerable to obesity.

While you sleep, your cells regenerate and your body prepares to use energy.

Lack of sleep

Sleeping time is short, energy is not consumed, and fat is more actively accumulated.

In fact, one study found that people who slept less than five hours a day were compared to those who slept seven hours.

Obesity was 1.25 times higher, abdominal obesity was 1.24 times higher.

There are two main reasons for gaining weight due to lack of sleep time.

The first is that the longer you stay awake, the more calories you ingest.

Not yourself, but if you write a meal diary, you can see that you ate quite a lot of food.

Second, lack of sleep causes the body to lack niacin, which is essential for our bodies.

Niacin enhances metabolism, produces neurotransmitters, maintains skin moisture, dilates blood vessels, maintains blood cholesterol levels, It strengthens kidney function.


Sometimes people don’t sleep so much that they lose weight.

Of course it is possible story.

However, the weight is lost, but compared to body fat, muscle, bone, internal organs, such as ‘fat’ rather than ‘fat’ is a problem that is missing more.


So to sleep deep,

It is best to keep electronics away from the bedroom first.

Noise and blue light from smartphones, TVs, etc. inhibit the melatonin secretion that induces sound sleep.

And late night food is also a major factor that interferes with sound sleep.

To digest food, you need to wake up your body, and if you have food in your stomach while you sleep, it interferes with your sound sleep.

If you have a stomach asleep, you should be more careful.

look at sleep

Finally, according to the surgeon’s statement,

“If you don’t sleep, your brain gets tired, and if you don’t sleep, your brain increases adenosine, which suppresses nerve function.

In this case, the desire for food grows and you eat more than usual.

The brain’s rational judgment function falls and only the part that controls appetite is activated.

It is best to stay asleep for not only obesity but also for a healthy body. “