CHELSEA FC seeking Champions League tickets
Is it a fateful fate? The two teams will face again at the end of the league.
Who will be the last to laugh?

Today’s scorer (LIVERPOOL FC)

사 디오 갈 레
No.10 Sadio Mane

No.10 Sadio Mane (Last 51 minutes)

모하메드 살라
No.11 Mohamed Salah

No.11 Mohamed Salah (Last 53 minutes)

This game analysis

I think this game was very difficult.
First, I did not think Chelsea would be defensive in the first place.
But I think that the tactics of defending all the rest of the players with Azar alone is a good tactic against LIVERPOOL FC
So I ended the first half with 0: 0.

Of course, I think I did not show the organizational power which is as annoying as the defensive football that the low – level teams do.
However, the individual skill of each player is good, but I do not think this type of tactics have been used in practice.


So overall, the first half was LIVERPOOL FC, but it was 0: 0.
CHELSEA FC has not been able to do anything for the 4th position because it was not good, so we pulled up the line in the second half,
I was trying to play my own football more and more! LIVERPOOL FC became a prey, and in just two seconds they lost to the point.

In fact, I do not think it’s a bad result if you draw in Anfield, but Chelsea still wants to get three points and thinks he has chosen a high return high risk.

In the meantime, Liverpool’s expertise was not able to ignore the influence of KANTE in CHELSEA FC’s midfield.
I do not think that I have made a choice to reduce the influence of players such as KANTE to make a choice to play in front of me immediately.
However, what we have overlooked is that the condition of LIVERPOOL FC is very good these days.
All three midfielders who have recently shown a very good form have contributed a lot to the victory by taking the amount of active activity with the starter.

King of EPL Mohamed Salah!

Beyond LIVERPOOL FC is EPL’s King Mohamed Salah.
Mohamed Salah changed the atmosphere of the game completely by scoring more goals.
Sala’s scoring footage gave me an enormous sense of reality.
Mohamed Salah, who showed good attack and defense, was selected by MOTM for this game.