How do you recover your lost sense of taste and smell with folk remedies?

The well-known infection of the COVID-19 virus leads to loss of taste and smell.

He recovered from the virus after receiving treatment for being infected with the COVID-19 virus, but

It takes a lot of time to restore your sense of taste and smell.

How painful would it be if the joy of eating delicious food while feeling the taste and smell disappeared?


So how do we get our sense of taste and smell back?

A treatment for regaining taste and smell has yet to be discovered yet.

I think we can get it back with other foods.

Why do you lose your sense of taste and smell?

The phenomenon of losing taste and smell is called Anosmia in overseas medicine.

Doctors say that COVID-19 does not lose their sense of smell and taste.

Other respiratory diseases can also reduce taste and smell.

And it restores your sense of taste and smell that you lost due to the coronavirus.

It can take a week or in some cases a month or more.

How to recover your sense of taste and smell with folk remedies.

1. Garlic

Garlic helps increase our body’s immunity.

Garlic helps reduce inflammation, so you can get help with loss of taste and smell.

Heat two to three pieces of garlic in hot water, make it a little cold, and eat it regularly twice a day.

2. Lemon

Lemon contains a lot of vitamin C, and lemon has a strong unique scent.

That’s why it’s fatal for viral bacteria.

Lemon is very helpful for nasal congestion and cough.

To help restore your sense of taste and smell,

It’s helpful to mix lemon and honey in warm water every day.

If it’s hard to eat in the morning, try making lemon pickles until you recover.

3. Mint

The unique scent of mint refreshes the mind and body and keeps the nerves calm.

That’s why drinking mint and green tea together is more effective.

4. Water vapor

The method of using water vapor was used overseas and was also helpful in recovering from colds.

In a boiling pot, wet the towel with hot water and cover your face with a towel.

Open your mouth wide, breathe in, and exhale through your nose.

It’s good to do this several times.

5. Red pepper

Red pepper or red pepper powder contains powerful ingredients that pierce a blocked nose.

So it helps activate the senses and improve the effectiveness of the sense of smell.

It is helpful to drink a small amount of honey or sugar with red pepper powder and drink it more than once a day.

6. Smell training.

Smell training should allow you to smell different smells every day for months.

This training can help the brain recognize various smells.

You need to focus on training by letting each scent smell for 20 seconds.

By training like this, it helps you recognize other smells and you can gradually smell all of them.