Five mysteries of the world that still can not be solved

Five mysteries of the world that still can not be solved

There are many unresolved mysteries in the world.
It might be the one you’ve heard about or the first time you see it.
Let’s look at five mysteries that have not yet been solved in this article.

1. Her in the picture

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Museum staff in the Krasnoyars area of Siberia worked on digitizing the pictures in the early 1900s
I found strange pictures during the process.

Posing the same
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The girl, who was supposed to be the same person, was photographed in 20 photos and 4 glass negatives.
Everyone was photographed between 1900 and 1908, and the unusual point of this girl is the
I have a face like a pose.

Of course, there was a slight change in the dress and boots, but the posture always took the same posture.
I do not know if she has ever been involved in a photo, but there is no way to verify her identity in the future.

2. The colossus of Memnon

The colossus of Memnon was found 3400 years ago in the watershed west of the Nile.
It was built to defend the banquet of Amenhotep III, but as the temple was destroyed, this gigantic statue was quiet and giving way forward.

The colossus of Memon
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There was a claim that one day Memnon’s colossus sounded.
It was just when the northern statue was cracked by the 27th BC earthquake.
When the stone is cracked, the sound of the dawn is heard from nearby, and the tone is various, such as whistling sound and harpoon sound.

In 199 AD Emperor Severus said that he did not hear anymore as he recovered the crack of the statue.
As of 2019, it is not scientifically possible to explain why these sounds came from the colossus of Memnon.

3. The Atlas Vampire

In 1932, the body of a 32 year old prostitute named Lily Lindstrom is found.
The bodies found in the apartments of Stockholm are believed to have died due to blunt blindness, and the body has all the blood removed.

Atlas Vampire
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And beside the body there was a bloody scoop and the police speculated that this scoop was used to drink the victim’s blood.
Lily was found a few days after his death, and there was little blood left in the body.
People called him a vampire and the police questioned the suspect, who was a guest of Lily, but he could not arrest him because there was no evidence.

4. Ricky McCormick’s password

One day in June 1999, a 41-year-old man named Ricky McCormick disappeared.
While searching for a missing man, police found his body in a field in Missouri and corruption was already under way.
It was obvious that he was killed when he saw the place and the condition of the body found, but no evidence was found.

Ricky McCormick's password
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One unusual thing is that some pieces of paper are found in McCormick’s pocket
Ricky found a piece of paper with something written by people who knew that he had created his own passphrase.
The paper contained messages such as passwords, which the FBI decipherers attempted to decipher, but it was impossible.

A few years later, the police posted on the Internet to decipher the cipher text and asked openly for help.
But to this day, this ciphertext has not been revealed to anyone who decrypted it, and it remains to be questioned how he died.

5. Cork man

Born in 1859, Angelo Pachiconi finds himself having a strange ability.
This ability was not to submerge in the water, but Pachiconi appeared on several TV shows and demonstrated his abilities.

Researchers at Harvard University who want to know the cause of this ability have to give Pachiconi heavy hanging
I swam, but I floated in water for 15 hours.

He died in 1931, but he still does not explain how he can continue to float in the water.
There are only arguments in the academic world that there is a supernatural transcendence and a special embryo.
After all, the secret of Pachiconi is not explained, and he is asleep deep in the grave.

What mystery do you know?
If you have other mysteries, please leave a comment.