CEO of Kolmar Cosmetics, who turned on Youtube to praise Japan, resigns today.

The Representative of Kolmar Company took responsibility for the controversy on the final screening of women’s disparagement videos and decided to step down from the management.
This is the first time a Korean company’s chief executive has resigned because of the issue of boycott of Japanese products after Japan’s trade retaliation against Korea.
The company representative held a press conference and said, “I reflect deeply on the situation and take full responsibility for it because of my lack of personality and resign from the company management after this time.”

In addition, “I bow to the citizens for apologizing for the controversy caused by the video used as a reference during internal inquiry.”
“I apologize to our customers, the consumers, and the people who have trusted and loved our products.”
“I especially express my sincere apologies to women,” he said. “I also express my sincere apologies to the employees who have worked for the company.”
He said, “My mistakes that caused so much concern and hurt are scolded heavily, but I encourage encouragement to employees and companies who sweat in the field.”
“I will humbly and gratefully hold every word you give me about my fault,” he said.

However, boycotts of Kolmar products have not yet subsided in Korea.

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