Why do cats bring us toys?

Why do cats bring us toys?

cat. When you open your eyes in the morning, there are cat toys around.

Putting a toy in your mouth and dropping it in front of us is a common occurrence for cats.

What does this mean?


1. Inviting us to play hunting

If a cat brings a toy to us, this is the easiest thing to notice.

Normally cats remember the feeling of playing toys.

So, when you look at the toy, the cat is revived at the time.

So I want to feel the feeling again at that time, so I bring my cat toy with expectation.


2. Wild Instincts of Cats

Cats are basically carnivores and are born with hunting instincts.

This hunting instinct will never disappear even if you live a stable life indoors.

Usually in the wild, mother cats teach baby cats 2 to 3 months of age, starting from 5-6 weeks old.

At first, bring the baby cat with dead food, and then tell them how to bring food that has not yet been killed.


That’s why cats bring us toys.

It can be said to teach us how to feed.

This behavior is commonly seen in female cats.


3. want to get praise

And the last thing to think about is that cats like to praise a lot.

All animals have emotions like humans.

So when you compliment with a gentle tone, you feel comfortable, and when you get angry, you feel anxious and remember the situation.

So when you give a compliment and give a compliment with all the heart can be a communication with the cat.

Compliment your eye level and gently stroking it for deeper communication.