Rihanna Next year’s Super Bowl halftime show


Rihanna pop star will appear on next year’s Super Bowl halftime show. According to various media outlets, Rihanna will perform halftime next year at the Super Bowl, the NFL championship game held at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, in February next year. On the same day, Rihanna also made it official by posting a … Read more

Will Colin Firth appear in the Kingsman 2020 movie?

A typical action of the British gentleman, Gentleman’s value, and yet a powerful action movie. Kingsman. The Kingsman series is currently in two releases, but two more will be released later. Prequel ‘The King’s Man’, which covers Kingsman’s past, which is aiming to be released in 2020, Two films, Kingsman: The Red Diamond, deal with … Read more

You may be making a Venom 2 movie.

You may be making a Venom 2 movie When Marvel Studio first started its MCUs, the most problematic thing was copyright. Marvel returned to X-Men, which was already filmed as a series of Disney’s acquisition of Fox, There are characters who have not yet returned. There are Spider-Man series in Spider-Man related characters, Spiderman officially … Read more

CEO of Kolmar Cosmetics, who turned on Youtube to praise Japan, resigns today.

CEO of Kolmar Cosmetics, who turned on Youtube to praise Japan, resigns today. The Representative of Kolmar Company took responsibility for the controversy on the final screening of women’s disparagement videos and decided to step down from the management. This is the first time a Korean company’s chief executive has resigned because of the issue … Read more