Should I be like other people when I am breastfeeding?

Should I be like other people when I am breastfeeding?


Breastfeeding many pregnant women say they will breastfeed if a baby is born before birth.

Breastfeeding has many advantages, and I heard that breastfeeding should be done in gynecology or maternity classes.

Because other people are breastfeeding me too?

Breastfeeding is the hope of mothers who have babies and is hard to give up for their children.

If so, what would be good for breastfeeding?

Before we figure out what the benefits are, let’s talk about why breastfeeding.

Even today, many mothers plan to breastfeed for their baby’s physical and mental health.

Find out the benefits of breastfeeding through the internet or maternity class.

I shouldn’t treat breastfeeding lightly because other mothers do it.

Why breastfeed?

Then why should you breastfeed? Breastfeeding can have a positive effect on your baby as well as your mother.

First of all, for the baby, breast milk is necessary for healthy development.

As you know, there is nothing like breastfeeding to boost your baby’s immunity.

That’s why we plan to breastfeed to provide healthy food.

Some studies have shown that breast milk is far more effective than infant formula in developing a child’s brain.

Breastfeeding produces a hormone called oxytocin.

This oxytocin hormone helps the mother’s womb shrink and give birth to the mother’s body faster.

Breastfeeding is also effective in reducing weight gain during pregnancy.

That’s why breastfeeding is also great for helping babies and mothers interact.

If you want to fully breastfeed

One of the big homework assignments for my mom who came home after going to the hospital

“Baby does not suck mother” is that.

You can’t bite a bottle or starve a baby who refuses to feed you.


If you want to breastfeed until or after your first birthday, from the very first day your baby is born,

Please breastfeed your baby from time to time.

If you use the bottle before one month of age, your baby is more likely to have ‘nipple confusion.’

If the bottle is different from the mother’s way of wet feeding,

From a baby’s point of view, it is possible to fix a bottle that is easy to eat.


How long is breastfeeding?

When should I breastfeed? Many mothers wonder.

WHO recommends breastfeeding up to 24 months, but all choices are made by mom.

Usually, the time of lactation is divided into 3 months, 6 months, 1 year old and 2 years old


Babies before 3 months of age are unable to protect themselves, so they use breast milk to build their defenses.

It’s good to think about, and by absorbing mother’s milk, your child will have a defense system to protect himself from outside viruses.


Six months of age is when the baby’s body changes a lot, one to two teeth up.

This is a time when you can eat solid foods with a certain form from food that can be swallowed without chewing (eg soup, milk, etc.) that was possible only with breast milk.


Around the age of one year, babies start to walk upright and become active outside.

Frequent exposure to new environments can reduce your immunity.

Breast milk can help you build immunity to adapt to a new environment.


Babies aged 2 start their social life.

We need a refuge to relieve the stress of getting out of the family fence and connecting with new environments and new people.

Babies at this time may feel protected and supported by breastfeeding in their mother’s breasts.

It is also an extension of ‘close parenting’ and ‘attached parenting’.

Breastfeeding at the age of two is known to have a positive impact on the emotional side by providing stability.


So the bottom line is when moms think about breastfeeding.