Anne Hathaway’s 10 kilogram tricks: How to make super grain diet rice

Anne Hathaway’s 10 kilogram tricks: How to make super grain diet rice

Anne Hathaway, who used to lose 10kg in a super grain diet.
Today I prepared a recipe for you to be good at self – management like Anne Hathaway.
First of all, I would like to introduce three kinds of super grains which are loved by high-protein, low-calorie dieters.

Super grain


It is rich in dietary fiber, has a good filling feeling and low calorie content, and beta-glucan inhibits cholesterol absorption.

Lentil beans

Protein and dietary fiber as well as high iron and folate content is good for anemia.


Goban’s house is a synonym for high-calcium food, but it is rich in a kind of estrogen.
It is also effective in controlling female hormone levels.

I’ve been to three super grains, but this time, let’s see if it matches well with any food.


1. Oat + Burdock

how to make

1/2 cup of water
Burdock 100g
1/2 cup of oats
Two carrots (small)
1 kelp


1 teaspoon of vinegar
2 buttercups
A little sesame
1 tablespoon miso

Once you have cleaned the oats, you should call them for about an hour.
And I put the kelp in the amount of water for about 30 minutes to make the kelp water,
At this time, you can mix the thinly sliced parsley and the remaining ingredients and prepare the sauce in advance.
Then put the burdock, carrots and oats called water into the kelp wool.
Cover the lid and boil for 5 minutes on the high heat.
It is completed if you put on steam in the last 10 minutes.

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