Why does adult atopy also occur in adults?

Why does adult atopy also occur in adults?

Atopy, which is known to occur mainly in children,

In modern society, it is becoming a common disease that can appear to all ages.


The incidence of atopy among adults is increasing day by day,

According to the Actual Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service, the number of adult atopic patients over 20 years old

It was found that about 70,000 people increased in the five years from 2013 to 2017.

adult atopy


Also, if you add up the number of untreated patients

The incidence of atopy is expected to be even higher.


Sudden atopic symptoms cause patients to

In addition to physical damage, avoidance of persons, loss of confidence, stress, depression, atrophy, personality disorders

There are many cases of psychological problems.

Atopic dermatitis occurs in adults in two cases.


1. Born reasons

First of all, the atopy that patients have had since childhood was not improving

Atopic dermatitis, which has never been experienced before, often appears suddenly as an adult.


2. Lifestyle

Atopic dermatitis is closely related to the lifestyle and eating habits of patients.

In today’s fast-paced society, patients have irregular life patterns, chronic fatigue, lack of sleep,

Incorrect lifestyle such as lack of exercise, bad eating habits, frequent drinking, late-night snack, overeating, and instant lifestyle

Incorrect eating habits and stress can be a major factor in causing atopy.


These problems affect cellular function, resulting in excess fever and toxins in the metabolic process beyond the control of the body.

The heat imbalance caused the immune system instability throughout the body.

If this condition persists for a long time, the intestinal function responsible for more than 70% of the body’s immunity is reduced

As the harmful bacteria in the intestine increases, unfiltered excess toxins and harmful substances enter the body easily.

An unstable immune response can lead to atopic symptoms such as itching, inflammation, rash, keratin, and burning.


However, most patients do not know about this fact and only see visible symptoms

It is a skin-specific problem that tends to focus on treating skin symptoms using ointments, medicines, or moisturizers.

If you only relieve symptoms, the intrinsic cause of atopy remains inside

There may be limitations in the treatment of adult atopic dermatitis and there is a risk of future recurrence.


To prevent atopy in general real life

Regular and light exercise, balanced diet, digestive food,

Moisturizing, bathing, and relieving stress, which replenishes dry skin, will need to be improved.