5 minutes a day losing weight after a month.

You can be reborn as a cool body through bare-body movements without the help of tools or equipment.

You can remove unnecessary fat while changing it to a solid body.

Also, you can increase muscle mass or improve your body line.

After a month, I introduce bare-body exercise for 5 minutes a day to build a good body.

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After a month, I’ll work out for 5 minutes a day to build up my body.

1. Side elbow plank deformation.

Working out for 5 minutes a day

Lie on your right forearm and on your side. And float your body in the air and extend your left hand.

Then, lower your left hand to the floor, turn your upper body, and return to your original position.

After 30 seconds, change to the opposite position and repeat for 30 seconds.


2. Cross-knee up.

Cross-knee up

Lie down on the mat in a plank position.

Then pull the right knee to the left elbow and turn it back, pull the left knee to the right elbow and turn around.

Exercise for 1 minute while alternately pulling your legs in the direction of the cross.

3. Squat.


Stand on the floor with your legs wide open and get ready.

Bring your hands together in front of your chest, and connect them with squats as you lower your hips.

After lowering it enough to the floor, return to its original position.

Stand your upper body, and look straight ahead. Do it for a minute.

4. Lunge.


Stand with your legs together on the mat and take your hands on your sides.

And bend your knees 90 degrees while stretching your left foot forward.

After the lunge operation, return to the original position.

This time, stretch your right knee and bend it.

Repeat the lunge position for 1 minute.

5. V-up transformation.

V-up transformation

While sitting on the mat, tilt your upper body back and lift your legs into the air.

Gather your hands in front of your abdomen and hold them together.

Then, turn your upper body while pulling your left knee, and repeat while pulling your right knee.

Exercise while maintaining balance for a minute.